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There are some personal observations of the road trip/car show/track meet that I can share with you in this Thread

There are others who have also posted their observations as well.

The 2005 SRTNationals event was held on April 8-10 at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La.

It was attended by about 80 SRT-4 cars as well as their drivers and family. There were also other vehicals that attended as well including SRT-10 Ram, 4 Dodge Vipers along with some other imports.

The Meet involved Members of the from around the nation from as far away as Sitka, Ak.
Regional car clubs showed up in good numbers with the Chicagoland group having the largest attendance.

Members of the Dodge "SRT" team Ethan Bayer,Erich Heuschele and Rob Reigle were involved in the event. SRT Marketing Manager Mirko Kerschbaum and MoPar Speedshop Program Manager "Gina" Musso also attended as well as a number of vendors

The vendors helped Sponser the show.
Kicker had their transport set up
James Cambell coordenated the MoPar Performance Speedshop Tent that was the "Official" Outlet for the shows MoPar Parts
Performance Autowerks
Carbon by Design
Woodhouse Performance
Lake Effect Racing
FWD Performance
And others I can't think of right now

The Meet consisted of Drivers Education class, Road Course and Auto-X racing as well as Drags on Friday Night
Im not sure who was fastest on the Road Course but Erich Heuschele took the Auto-Cross By more than a second faster than all others. Ethan took the drags with consistant 11.90 runs driving the Extreme Lightweight Stage 3 SRT-4
(he also toasted the clutch).........

More later when I get home from work

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We might be able to use some of this. We could use a little more information than this and it would be good if it could be put into paragraph form and not have it jump around to facts. Thanks though and if anyone else would like to add to this it would be great!

We would hate not to get a complete article and have to drop the event coverage altogether so come on guys whoever came please help edit, add or write a complete article yourself. I only need just a little more description of each activity and such. Also is there an offical web site of the event or is it just this one? An offical sponsors list would be good and maybe the coordinator could contact us or something with some results of the event. I don't really know who to contact to get these things so i'm asking you all.


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Here's the website.

I will get the chance to get back to my computer late tonight. I'll try and get this done for you. I'd still try and get the results from rezin8 if you can. Of course you understand that my writting skills are nothing to write home about. <---see how bad that was.:readclose
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