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I am not sure if this is the right thread for this but I couldnt really find anything more specific.

I bought my first SRT-4 a little over a month ago. Black, 2004 with some aftermarket mods like AGP WGA, Tial BV50 BOV etc. I noticed about three weeks ago while checking under the hood to ensure the coolant leak I had fixed was in fact, fixed and it looked as if there was a light on inbetween the firewall and the block on the passenger side. I look over the strut bar down at the alternator to see it glowing red hot. Glowing so bright that like I said I literally thought a light bulb was on between the firewall and the engine! I had been messing with the stereo setup because it was a nightmare when I bought it (black taped Alpine iLX-207 shoved into the center console with no adapters of any kind instead he just cut the lower cross member of the center piece in order to cram the 7" screen into the dash and it looked like trash and only the front speakers were wired in to the rear speaker outputs...etc...) and thought maybe something was grounding out back there causing it to glow like that. It was not the complete alternator housing it was just the bolt on the right side of the housing with some kind of wire attached to it I have not traced it back yet and I am still trying get up to par with everything.

I got this car for a steal of a deal. The engine was rebuilt 16k back and he had the paperwork to prove it and even more so it runs so well mechanically including the tranny its amazing! I think this car sat for a period of time until the engine was done being rebuilt as there are signs of the neglect all over it. Rubber hoses cracking causing coolant leaks etc. I have all that tracked down but now this electrical issue that causes the car to idle high and I am sure is heating up all the electric components WAY more than they should be.

I thought at one point that maybe while reinstalling the engine he just didn't put enough engine grounds back into place. Having put my XS Power D3400 AGM in as the main battery may have magnified it possibly? I don't know but that's why I am here, right?

Any thoughts, tips or any advice on any level would be much appreciated!

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