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A few things went wrong with my last question i will fix these and re ask.

1. My current car is an Eclipse GST and those mods are on it, its a go to work car.

2. Im purchasing the Neon SRT-4 and immediatly putting an emanage and Eo1 and many other goodies. My goal is within 6 months i have the entire intake, exhaust, and turbo changed out with 750cc injectors with of course first all SAFETY supporting mods such as engine montoring, upgrading weaker "links" in the neon etc. Due to selling a car and a few other personal reasons i have more then enough money to sink my teeth in this car. and will be posting all progress on these forums.

3. When i asked the EGT question i got one part of my question answered, that my driving to the track and to get milk temps will be at 1200-1400 degreees.

4. i want to know , on the srt4 , what is the limit to BALLS to the WALL temps, meaning NEVER CROSS THIS TEMP OR YOU WILL BE BUYING NEW motor, as in what temps can the exhaust mani take, pistons take, etc to the point that if something MIGHT go wrong and by some reason no alarms go off on my knock or AF ratio sensors, what should i set my alarm for EGT to tell me to stop and shut the car down.

5. if you have any critism to what i said thats fine, im light hearted and not very knowlegable when it comes to this new car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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