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ECU speed output wire

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I know were the ECU use is, just dunno which color wire is the ECU speed Output wire. If anyone has the manual and could tell me what it is it'd be great. Trying to install the Power meter -ID.
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Second Chance said:
RPM output :?: :?:

Hector! I'm still waiting!
I know youre busy though, and I dont need it until after these fools fix my car.

Those damn Dodge guys , i want to piss on them. The manual totaly sux! The electrical portion is the worst. They made it to simple where its harder for me to find what I want. Im use to seeing those kewl symbols etc.

But as for the RPM, I think i found me a solution:

I am using the trigger from the Ignition. The only problem is that its on a half rate(at 1K the car is actually don 2k). I was thinking of using some rectifiers so I could tap off of both coil wires to give me a correct signal. The problem is that it would require me putting a diode inline with the Ignition wire and that will give me about a .7 voltage drop or so which i dont want. youll get a less of a hotter spark.

SOOOOOO im working on a frequency doubler. It doubles what ever input you apply to it. I will try to put it together as cheap as possible and as simple as posible. Im sur ei can make it with about $10 worth of electronic parts. I will then sell it for $200 so people wont ask me to make it for them. But I'll be a nice guy and post up the schematics for it and how to adjust it.

I think I need a 10 day week, im always short on time. :(
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What about tapping the line going to the tach?
What voltages are the greddy Turbo timer units calibrated for?
Are they the same voltages that are spit out to the tach?
The speed speed output and tach signal are different. The signal coming off the coil is a pulsing wave at alternator Voltage. The speed output is a smaller signal.
ED you trying to install a Power meter yourself? Because I was under the impression that it would calibrate itself off the speed output wire and thats why you have to drive at 25 mph.
no, im hooking up the tach wire to my greddy -e01

I gave acr the wire info for your speed sensor. Go get him.
yeah w/e ED said :lol:
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