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I had installed the EBC the way Super steve posted, a local shop installed it for me, the damn thing would not get over 16 PSI. I took it to get it tuned and the BOV was hooked up wrong, the WGA was broke and the would not open, so they capped the line at the back of the turbo and T'd into the TB for a vacuum source. So now on the greddy profec B spec II one of the ports is going to the WGA and the other to the TB. Is this set up Ok, I installed the AGP WGA, and the thing seems to be working great. I had the FORGE WGA, but I broke it. I just need to know if they way I have it set up if fine, they capped the pink like and used it to make a check valve for the BOV I have(turbonetics), before they capped it, I was making 180 Hp, after they capped it 255.
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