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E-Brake Light problem?

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Now when I go full throttle in 1st and 2nd gear my e-brake light will come on. Even though my e-brake is definately not engaged. It's mainly 1st and 2nd, I don't think that I've seen this happen in 3rd or 4th. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know why this happens.
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pharmsrt; Add brake fluid and your problem will go away. Do a search and you'll find lots of comments.
yeah doode brake fluid does the trick...the same thing used to happen to me but problem dissapeared with brake fluid
Do you not know the wisdom of using the search forums option? Your answer was even a sticky somewhere...
Check your brake pads first before you add brake fluid because usually low brake fluid means low pads. You should never have to add brake fluid, IMO. If you add brake fluid and your pads are low, when you change them, your going to overflow your brake fluid reservoir, so be careful,
Yeah, I guess I should have used the search first. I had just never seen any question like this before and I watch the formus everyday.
but thanks for the help
well this does come up nearly every day, but don't worry, just add the fluid. when it comes time to replace the brake pads, just take a CLEAN turkey baster and pull some fluid out of the reservoir, put new pads in, top it off.
Let me appologize right away...
I did a really quick search and didn't find an answer. I'm at work and didn't have time for a lengthy search, but what would be the prefered fluid to use. Is one brand better than another. Or is going to the dealer the best way

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