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E-brake handle rattles like crazy

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anyone have a quick fix? i checked it out under the center consel but everything is riveted in and nothing to rattles and sounds like tin cans under the handle ( over bumps and on turns) it was even happening before i put my needswings V5 on so thats not the complete cause...but im sure it helped out a whole lot...

i would take it to be warrentied at a dealer but they'll probly tell me its my fault and i have to pay to get it replaced because i have an aftermarket boost gauge...aka fuck you, pay me:stab:

any suggestions beside hold the handle down to keep it quiet, thanks guys
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Duct Tape??
master_1011 said:
Duct Tape??
litterally nothing to tape...its all rivited and screwed tight, it just rattles, thank you for your inout though
Is the cable loose? THere should be some type of tension on the cable.
My car does the same thing also, but it only started when i installed the needwings dp, and it only happens when its open. i just hold it when it starts the rattle.
same here the handle shakes like crazy like i have a box of wrenchs next to me:eeeek:
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