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Dyno tuning fuel problems

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Was at Pro-Motion from 1-7ish. Laptop didn't want to work and kept crashing. Basically I only made 373whp on about 19psi. Couldn't go higher because the car started to go lean for some fuel related reason. The injectors were only at 73% duty cycle. Don't know what fuel problem is causing it to go lean at the top end. I couldve hit 400, maybe more. It did the same when I had stage 3. Could it be the fuel pressure reg? Thinking maybe a fuel return line kit + reg will solve it? Suggestions? I'm using the walbro 255 pump as well. When I had the stage 3 pump, it was doing the same thing. But here are vids and dyno sheet. Pro-Motion was very helpful and courteous. They even let my car finish after closing hours and there was another customer who was suppose to get dynoed but couldn't bc of mine. AND MY BOV DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. I checked the hoses and lines, everything is still connected. HKS SSQV blown??

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If the injectors are only at 73%dc(between 5100-6000rpm), why not up the pulse width??

If the DC is under 85%, then you'd be just wasting money on unnecessary fuel system parts if you need to richin the A/F.

ps. personally i think the closer to 12.5-13.0 A/F the better. IMO Leaner w/ less timing is better than richer and excessive timing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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