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Dyno sheet

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Had this dyno sheet for 4 months or so...
Power mods:
Stage 2 w/o toys
Fully built ported turbo/ex mani ceramic coated/ported intake mani
LFS 60mm t/b
ED superbeast
JLM motor mounts
Turbonetics p/p w/ raptor bov
ptp hotside/charge pipe
ngk's gapped .35
needswings d/p open with mopar catback
jmb ultimate cai
Needswings incabin mbc

I think my spike was there because I had my wga adjusted too tight, and with the mbc the car was spiking 20 psi, held 15-16 redline. 4th gear run.
no a/f monitor since the sniffer wouldn't stay in the d/p but autometer afr gauge was in the green the whole time. The last run I did was 276/309 but this is the only pic of the sheet I have.

short vid...
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