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Classess will be the following:
4cyl all motor
4cyl forced induction

6cyl all motor
6cyl forced induction

8cyl all motor
8cyl forced induction

Cars must be driven here and street legal.
If you come in on a trailer you will be put into a pro class.

You get two runs for $60. Additional runs will be $30(if we have time)
The wide band will not be used for this event
There will be a first and second place in every class
The bigger your class the more money you will win

Hot 96 will be here from 2 to 4 and we will have pizza from Pizza King on Vogel Rd.
Also from 12pm to 5 pm there will be an SPL comp $25 to enter and prize money will be handed out for the top two in each class you must register for SPL from 12 to 2.

Contact info:
Total Performance and Accessories
4301 Vogel Rd Evansville,IN 47715
Phone 812-491-DYNO(3966) Fax 812-491-DYNO(3966)

Hi my name is Edward Caswell! I just wanted to update some of the Midwest people on this fun filled day! This is a very nice shop in Evansville! I would love to see a big turn out!! I'm hoping to have my SRT up and running! Going for at least 400hp! If my clutch comes in!! This will be a fun time and some big numbers will be put down!! If you have any questions for a SRT guy call me at 812-841-2670!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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