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DTECH Installation

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Wassup Guys. I have a DTECH FCBC with all the sensors and i am not that confident with my auto skills, especially when installing this thing. so i was wondering if theres anyone that can help me install it. I am also trying to get it done soon because i have to ship the car back to hawaii and i know that once it reaches home i wont have the funds to do anything to it for awhile so all the help would be really appreciated

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BUMP for a good guy all. I would have helped him but I have to go to the states to get my other rug rat.
Thanks alot Jason, hope we can meet up before i leave

have a good one:thumbsup:
hey bro, I know you've been calling me but my phone is messed up, sorry man. Well I've installed a DTEC FC before, but never a FCBC. I stay in Vogelwegh, near K-Town. If you wanna come down herew I can try to help ya, as far as the FC part is concerened, it's easy stuff, but I have no experiance with the BC stuff. If you need to get into contact with me just PM me here becaouse my phone is messed up. Later man
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