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ds2 power supply connector

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anyone know where i can get this piece? its the only part stopping me from putting my own retrofits in. it would be great if someone can link me somewhere where it doesn't cost too much lol. its the piece that goes into the ballast to power up the hid. its the ds2 style thanks
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bump for an answer
no problem i'll get a picture. its just the plastic male connector that goes into the ballast from the headlight wiring. the hid kit is a ds2 and the wiring on the car is a 9007. dunno if i sound confusing
So you need just this connector?

If so, it's just a standard 9006 connector. ;)

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lol yup thats it! i guess i can pick that up any where??
thanks bro! i just saw this when getting back from autozone $10 total w00t!! i owe you one!
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