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I just finished teaching my gf driving agressively on the shifting-clutching-braking-acceleration. (Not to be confused with drving agressively on the road and streets). I deviced this practice so she gets used to controlling the clutch, brake, gas and shifts in any given speed.

I set up four cones in an empty open parking lot approximately about 4 car lengths away from each other in a linear manner. Her goal, using only first gear and neutral, is to accelerate hard without peeling, on one side of the cones. She then breaks hard to 0 MPH without skidding right next to the next cone. Then without wasting even half a second, she shifts back to neutral then back again to 1st gear, then accelerates hard while manuevering around the cone to the other side of the cones without peeling any tires. She was also required to look over her shoulder right before entering each corner. She had fun doing this as I watched outside the car for one hour. On each of her runs, I comment on where she could improve.

In an hour, she improved sooooooooooooo much on handling the car.

Next, using the same setup, is the do exactly the same thing BUT all in second gear and neutral. She found it hard at first, but soon enough she was able to control the whole situation.

Few things that she MUST have to keep in in mind is to save the life of the breaking system, clutch, trasmission, and the whole car.

This practice gave her a very good feeling about the car as a whole. She also learned to always protect every part of the car from the moving parts to the shell of the car, as well as everythings outside.

Besides having so much fun doing this, she learned the value of a well-tuned car and she now tries her best to keep all the components of the car operated in non-abusive manner.

Now I am at peace. I don't have to worry about her grinding the gears, burning the clutch over revving the car, lose control during braking, etc. Now, she just need to improve more on reading the road signs and looking and parying attention to the traffic.

She is the coolest...and my car, too! 8)
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