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Hello all,

Next month in Phoenix AZ on Feb 22nd we are having a Hot Teams Race, Dakotas vs Lightnings. It will be 5 lightnings vs 5 Dakotas. Cost is just normal track entry of $15.00. This is heads up (not brackets) and the matches are all set up in advance (negotiated) by team captains with the goal of getting you the best match they can. You show up at track run one match then you go test and tune, home or whatever you like etc. Video will be posted on the HTR site after match.

Here is the problem.
Turns out that local Lightning group has lots of t trucks that are willing and able but we can only find three Dakotas in the entire state that are willing to race. We need help. There has got to be Dakotas out there that can dip in to the 13's ????

This event is part of our series and we (Mopar Team) need to do well in this one. The rest of us are taking on Fords of a much nastier kind in a few months but we are not allowed to compete in this one to help the Dak's out, they have to do it on their own :(
All we can do is be cheerleaders for them.

Also, we are looking for one Ram SRT-10 for this match also.

For more info go here

If you are interested and in the area by all means email me and lets chat, even if your truck is slower. This racing is a blast and the folks that compete in it are great.
[email protected]
post here and I will check back.

Thanks a bunch,

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Great, thanks. I sent him a PM.

So far we have one stock Dakota that says he will run anything we line him up against but he has pretty much no chance of winning against even a stock Lightning except if maybe he can get a gen 1 lightning match (non S/C version).

We have another Dak that can run high 14's with a good tail wind.

And finally we got one that can dip into the 12's..... YES!

As it looks now we are gonna get beat up since the team with the most total points wins but we are not quiting.
They are going to have to beat us, we will not forfeit.
I will go rent some v6 dak to help these guys out if I have to.

Our point system is a 3,2,1 award.
You get 3 points for the win light (win the race)
2 points if you have the best reaction time
and 1 point if you just show up and participate (get a time slip).

Anyway if they red light on everything we are going to be fine.....


Thanks again for the help.

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Thanks slow, I've checked it out and nice site.
I also sent them an e-mail with an invitation to participate, of if they know someone in the area that would like to run. It's a long trip to make from CA for no pay out. This program has no cash award and that is how we keep it open and free to the gen public.

Right now we have a couple of fairly quick trucks running for sure. We also are going to set up a match against a first Gen LIght, which is the non-supercharged version. That one we should have no problem filling with a stock R/T.
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