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First this is what is on the car.

cai Aem
Wastegate AGP
Turbo timer Greddy
BOV greddy
atr turboback
Walbro Fuel Pump 255lph
CryO2 intercooler sprayer
Purge kits for the sprayer"fun but a waste of cash :clap: "

First off do you need to have a stage one upgrade computer to turn the boost to lets say the 17psi-20psi range?

I have a 2004 model and I think that means that I have the larger injectors that the 2003 model didnt. My Problem is I am not going the mopar route in the long run but cant afford a mangement system for fuel and timing right now but I would still like to boost for a couple months can I do it safely.

Thanks guys once again! :hi:
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