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do i need the white vac line??

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i have a AGP 3147 w/ 750's, boomba fuel rail, 255 pump, dtec fcbc. my question is do i need the white line comming from the orignal vac. lines?? i have all the other ones removed. but can i take out the white line off?? let me know thanks
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what year is your car?? if its a 05 than yes
its an i can just un-plug it from the selenoids??
The map and tip sensors work together. (the tip is the white line) I also wanted to remove mine but I'am going to leave things alone.
i left mine on for a while, but come to find out the difference between the MAP signal and the TIP signal was causing my pcm to pull fuel at anything above 3800-4k rpm and go too lean for my liking. map sensor was seeing a modified signal due to my safc but the TIP was still seeing 25-26psi. pulled the white line and now fuel delivery is smooth all the way across the rpm range

my car is an 04 btw, with s2 no toys pcm
^ so you unplugged the white and red lines?
red and white lines work together then?
yeah pulled both red and white lines off, cap the nipple on the cold side pipe and i just left the tip sensor open, but im sure you can cap that as well
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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