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i even sent him my spy cam shot of the redhead vw girl 2 minutes after i took it today. no response! :(

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All I got to say is holly shit she could be loads of fun.
thanks for clicking my sig. heheh. yeah, we did a road course meet and that was what portland greeted us with! :2thumbsup

Yeah I saw "Bar stool rapery" and thought WTF??? gotta click that one.
Oh god you went and done it now I'm on the spiraling down slope of you tube searches. Here's on thats funny as hell.
:haha: :haha: That vid is a favorite of mine, my boyz will see that one for sure before they date :rofl: :rofl:
lol @ both vids. First one was even better in person.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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