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2001RT said:
I am aware that $19995 does not include taxs. But the Guy I spoke to was like 219995+ tax and dealer fees. I went to Paramus dodge,NJ I spoke to a friend that works there, and told them Florida was selling them. He was there not even in production. He showed me his computer.I told I was aware that they should't be un computer. I told him to call Florida to prove my point!! LOL! He spoke to Marron Dodge. and told them they where going to buy 10 and truck them up north. I got on the phone and told him I want mine at MSRP.(for the hook up). He was like no 1500 over msrp. I then told him "have a nice day then" Fuck him!
WOW!! $219995, that's one hell of an expensive car!! LOL!! (j/k, I know what you meant) I can tell you this, if trucks 10 up north and sells them for $1500 over and his dealership has not done the training, he's in trouble. I really think that DC is not going to take to kindly to that. DC could strip them of their 5-star OR even their franchise. I don't think that is a war that they want to fight.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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