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Dealer BSed Me?

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About 2 weeks ago I was having car problems and the check engine light came on so I took it into the dealer to have them check it out. They said the injectors needed to be cleaned so I let them do that and they charged me $180. They also said that it was the wires and plugs that need to be replaced and that they would do it for an additional $200. I said fuck that so I bought Mopar plugs and Duralast wires and installed them myself. I still have the same problem, nothing has changed.

TODAY I am having all the engine seals and gaskets changed by a personal mechanic.

My question is that since the dealer did all that stuff and told me replace the wires/plugs and nothing happened, can I go bitch them out for my money back? Just wonderin. Thanks in advanced
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Not really sure if you'd be able to get your money back on that one. New injectors can be cleaned for cheap if not you can purchase S1 injectors for like 50 bucks on here with minimal miles on em. As for the plugs/wires, the ngk 4306 are about the best bang for the buck, and you can get MSD 8.5mm wires from modern performance for about 50 bucks. Exactly which code did you get that made you decide to replace all the gaskets and seals? When the check engine light comes on it usually sends ya into limp mode, meaning the car will run like shit no matter what you do until you recet the pcm...did that ever happen?
Those mofos said that a reset wouldn't solve anything...
like i said before if you don't reset the pcm it's still gonna be in limp mode so the first time you get on it your rpms will go to about 2500 then the car will say fuck you and run like crap. Is your check engine light still on? If so try doing the key on/off trick and see what code comes up then post it up here and we can tell you if you really need those new seals for the engine
Unfortunaly I dont have the car with me. When I took the car in they hooked the car up and it showed that spark plug #3 was fouled, so I replaced them all. The check engine light was on AND flashing, it was running very rich, and the car sounded like a Subaru (the exhaust note). The mechanic called me early this morning and told me that hes gonna replace all the seals/gaskets and the pistons. Since hes a friend of ours hes doing it for free. But still the dealer didnt want to do anything with my car.
its more likely that ur coil went bad or ur cam sensor coil is 90 dollars at autozone with lifetime warrenty and the cam sensor is like 40 bucks at dodge
or most likly if stock its all under warranty.
Well all it has is a Mopar BOV and shortshifter? If I were to take them off and take it in can I say its under warranty and that they need to fix it? What if I only took off the BOV?
i would just take off th bov and take it to another dealer, how hold is it? year milage?
u wont get ur money back with out involving a lawyer, chalk it up to youth and move on.
You should have atleast gotten a second opinion from someone who was more experienced on here to help you either online or in person. Never go to the dealer right away . I remember a few weeks back i didnt know what the woggling harlem shake problem that was bothering me when i mashed the gas at highspeed . I took it to the dealer and they said oh its your bushings oh its your wheel bearings .

I said you know what fuck this i went to and everyone said axles,axles,axles i changed my axles last week when money finally came through and weather was calm. Now she runs like a dream fuck the dealer they look for shit to charge you because they need work so they bring up all this unneccessary shit to charge you for shit you dont even need has no corelation to solving the problem at hand. I rather go to hell than go to the dealership youll get treated the same way anyway . I say if thats the case have it your way rightaway and fuck everything else trust your instincts and do your own research,because noone else is gonna do it for ya imo.
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Ok so Im picking the car up today. It has 4 new pistons, new seals and new gaskets. Ill tell you how it runs after.
Joshlax27 said:
Ok so Im picking the car up today. It has 4 new pistons, new seals and new gaskets. Ill tell you how it runs after.
keep us posted remember its your car your money noone should tell you whats what if you suspect otherwise
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