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Chrysler Creates Vehicle Challenge with Tins and Block and Foam, Oh My

Ralph Gilles, Director of Exterior/Interior Product Design and Specialty Vehicles for the Chrysler Group shares Chrysler 300C design secretsJournalists from around the nation compete in a Chrysler 300C
"Playground of Vehicle Inspiration" to win a car

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- A mix of fun, creativity and
design tips from one of Chrysler Group's top designers, Ralph Gilles, helped
the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) win a Chrysler 300C during
Chrysler 300C "Playground of Vehicle Inspiration" design challenge at the
UNITY conference held in Washington D.C. on Friday, August 6.

The "Dragon Fly" vehicle design triumphed against the stiff competition and took home the grand prize. The winning design, which was judged on innovation, style and overall design, included Styrofoam, tin, paper clips, wheels and a host of other materials.

"The Chrysler 300C 'Playground of Inspiration' vehicle design tapped into
everyone's childhood days of creativity with building blocks and other tools, and created an afternoon of inspiration," said Ralph Gilles, Director of
Exterior/Interior Product Design and Specialty Vehicles for the Chrysler Group. "As a Chrysler Group designer, I see passion translate into vehicle innovations."

In a competition with the National Association of Black Journalists and the Native American Journalists organizations, Rene Astudillo, executive director of AAJA guided their team to victory and the winner of the Chrysler 300C prize.

In a presentation prior to creating the designs, Gilles revealed the various stages of development of the Chrysler 300C. Sketches, clay models, concept designs and a few design tips from the expert helped to spark the journalists' creative juices. Each organization was then challenged to deveop vehicle names and create model vehicles out of tin pie pans, Styrofoam noodles, paper clips, building blocks and other unlikely items. The teams were allowed to create up to 10 designs and select the best design to be judged by an independent panel of media judges.

An independent panel of judges included Anqoinette Crosby, reporter at
Motorweek Cable TV; Randi Payton, president and chief operating officer of On Wheels, Inc. magazine and Brian Armstead, reporter for AutoSense magazine.

In addition to the Chrysler 300C prize, each of the organizations were presented with a scholarship check for $7,000 by DaimlerChrysler Corporate Fund President, Frank Fountain who also serves as DaimlerChrysler Senior Vice President of Public Policy and External Affairs (Auburn Hills).

The Chrysler 300C "Playground of Vehicle Inspiration" was created to celebrate the design of one of the Chrysler Group's newest and most successful vehicles, the Chrysler 300C. With its entry into the rear-wheel drive market, the Chrysler 300C reflects a new design philosophy and an entirely new look.

From the front, a Chrysler 300C cannot be mistaken for any other automobile on the road. This grille design, featuring the elegant Chrysler inged emblem, is the "master mould" for all future Chrysler brand vehicles,
providing a proud and instantly recognizable design cue.

The Chrysler 300C's crisp, clean lines continue to the rear, with subtle
yet elegant detail found in the taillamps and the winged emblem. Chromed dual exhaust pipes announce the long-awaited return of HEMI V-8 power and performance after more than 30 years for a Chrysler brand car.

SOURCE Chrysler Group
Web Site: <>
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