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Well the story is this. For awhile ive been constantly hearing this squeeking noise and couldnt figure out what it was. Well yesterday i was installing my intake and just for thought i looked and my tranny side torque mount when i noticed the studd holding it in is nice and broken, the rubber around it is all pushed and smooshed in there. Well needless to say this isnt my first time having probs with these damn torque mounts. My first time it happened to my top mount, where the torque mount hold down thats connected to the block with the two bolts, completed sheered off there. Looked like some sliced the bolts in half. Got it fixed. Then a month down the road, the stud the holds the mount in, BROKE !!.... had that fixed again, but this time with a filled urethane mount. Well after a couple of months it seemed that wanted to crack and come loose and broke...weeeeeeeee.... you can imagine my excitement. Well now im left with a busted driver side tranny torque mount and just getting a lil pissed at this Maybe i should buy all three torque mounts from deyemme and see how that works around, but knowing my luck they'll be gone in about a month....blahhhhhhhhhhh i say..... ok rant off.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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