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i posted this question a while back and didn't really get a good answer.
Im just wondering if it's possible with the brake calipers and all to drive around on 15" or 16" rims. (preferably 15) without any problems.
i want it for the weight reduction and smaller rotational mass than our 17" and above rims.

as for rim selection:
Rota Subzero 15" (11.8 lbs)
Kosei K1's - (?)
Rota Grid

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Shopping for tiny 15" and 16" wheels that will clear the large front calipers that were designed for larger wheels is a challenge to the say the least. Not only are there less friendly offsets in this size for a 5 lugger you also have to be worried about the inside wheel diameter design as well since it sits closer (right on top) of the calipers.

The 15x6.5 Rota Subzero will not fit without spacers. Its 40mm offset requires a 6mm spacer which is too large for daily use and puts safety at risk IMO.

(pic below is of srtgurl's car)

The Rota Grid is not available in a correct offset. Now the 15x7 Kosei K1 38mm offset is a wheel that will fit with no spacers. Depending on your tire choice will determine if there will be any rubbing inside the fender well.

IMO, I don't think its worth the hassle to down size to a smaller wheel. You can find a good 17" wheel package that is exceptionally light while providing good performance. There are other easier ways to improve power and acceleration.
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