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cylinder misfire with 1500 miles?

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i bought my srt 4 a month ago. i dont beat on it heavily, but my 4th cylinder is misfiring? anyone know why?
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Yeah, there's a TSB about this - the #4 wire is known for breaking down and causing a misfire due to underhood heat.

The dealer will take care of this for ya under warranty.
im at the dealer right now. will it happen again?
yes it will....enjoy your new shitbox :)
solarCTsrt4 said:
yes it will....enjoy your new shitbox :)
Is there a reason you act like such a dip shit? So you ha=ve problems with a car, grow up.
LOL, look up all my previous posts, then tell me you wouldnt be a dip-shit if u were in my shoes, lol

Im just sayin, Dodge should put right on the meronie as an option "engine mis-fire"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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