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Basically has been happening for a month or 2. But what it's doing is as soon as i floor it and it starts boosting it sputters. Almost sounds like a 2 step. If I got half throttle it doesn't happen. After it does I smell fuel so I'm guessing it's not firing. I've done searching and tried different coil/wires, new plugs gapped to .028, and a new o2 sensor. No boost leaks as I did a test last week. I even tried gapping my old plugs from .036 to .024 with no luck. Also my scangauge is picking up misfires on all cylinders and no knock at all. No cel and no smoke. I'm stumped and it's getting old. Any more ideas? I will literally try anything right now.
mine is having the same problem exactly, did you find out what it was?
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