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Well, to me this whole "Couple weeks" thing, i think is Bs. Here is why i think so.
Two days ago i called a dealer, i asked "You know when you will be getting the car in?" He replies "YEA~! sometime this week, 2 weeks at the latest!!" Enhusiasticly i said "WOW! can i reserve one!?!?!?" He said "Sure, just come in!"

Well, i called other dealers they said around end of feb, beg of march. So im a bit confused.

WELL i called the SAME DEALER, talked to the SAME sales manager and it seems he is lying. I sounded more of an Adult, not enthusiastic, and asked in a good manner "Well when do you think you are expecting one?" "Well, the keep telling us diffrent things, but they said around march"
I said "reaaaly, well may i reserve one?" he said "ALot are asking, but we have no order forms *some dealer talk here* etc, so we can do that, but come in and ill find out as much as i can"

then i called 4 more dealers, ALL THE SAME ANSWER. So it seems... March i guess..... not "any day"
:cry: :cry: :cry:

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thank god for honest dealers :roll:
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