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Well, It's that time of the year and thanksgiving day celebration is in the air.
So in preparation for that day, the geezer will like to present a checklist of things to be thankful for.

1. Be thankful for the turkey you received from your boss or company. If your wife or GF cannot cook to save their lives, or your mom is already busy preparing hers,please do the following. Do not stick it in your freezer until the next thanksgiving. Donate it to a food bank or to a family member or friend who may need it.

2. Be thankful for the family get together if you attend one. Be thankful for the uncle,cousin,aunt or in-law who either drink,talk argue or boast to much about their wealth during dinner. Deep down you know they add comical,political,or family reveiling secrets that add flavor to the gathering.

3. Be thankful for all of the children who attend. They may be noisy or to energetic, but they also add to the gathering. Many of them are able to master the use of their smart phones,games,and computers better than you which you could.

4. Be thankful for the food/dishes that were prepared. Even the home made pumpkin pie from aunt mary that taste so good but always give you diarreah.

5.Be thankful for the parades. If you have kids or young relatives take them out to see it. However, be prepared for the manditory puncturd float that may fall on you.

5. Be thankful for the football games. You know, the ones where one team destroys the other, while you fall asleep before the game is over.

6.If you are out of a job and go back to live with your parents, be thankful they kept your room as clean as possible. Just dont ask them what they did with your power ranger poster, or the stack of porn videos and magazines you left hidden in your closet.

7. Be thankful for the members of the armed forces,who gave, placed or are putting their lives on the line for our country. Be thankful for good health,family and friends. Be thankful for America and never give up on your country.

Any additions to the checklist is appreciated.


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Why am I the only one that fits with #6.


Why you gotta call me out like that Geezer?!

Want some of this?!

Come at me bro!!!!!!

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