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Correct way to use Seafoam?

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First of all, have no idea what section to post this in lol. Can someone give me some advice on how to correctly use Seafoam on the SRT? Been reading about it for a while now... but still seems kinda vague.
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Not sure about the Seafoam shit, but we have a cleaner like this, and the process take a good 45mins. We pour it into a IV drip bottle, and slowly let it drip into the motor. If done to fast, it starts pre-detenting, and can lock it up. :lol: A tech did this once.
I just used seafoam in my car. I did the guide on the ls1 website, here is a pic of my street after I started the car after dumping it into my TB and took off. I have about 30,000 miles on my car. I think everyone should do this, it may just do something for ya and only $21 for the 3 cans.
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:haha: Nice smoke screen! Notice any difference in the car afterwards? I have just under 24k and I've been thinking about just doin the gas and oil parts.
I just read that how-to, but is there another way for us to do it?? or should we use the brake booster line, and put a can in the tank like he did?

Sorry if its a redundant question, just dont wanna fubar anything.
I haven't actually looked at the cans, but I'm sure the directions will tell you how much to mix in. For example... if you can hold 5qt. of oil, add X amount of the product. If your gas tank is 10.5 gal, add X amount of product. Etc... As far as the brake booster part, I was wondering the same, but I think that would still apply for us.
I put a can in the gas tank, half a can in the oil, then I slowly dribbled ~ 2/3 of that half can in through the throttle bottle via the vacuum nipple. Then I dumped the last 1/3 in fast and then killed the engine. Waited 15 min, cranked it up (which the car was almost stalling at first), then took off down the street, stopped to take a pic, then ran it hard to get everything out. I haven't had a chance to drive it alot to check the difference, but the little run afterwards did feel smoother, but that may be a mind thing
Can someone post a picture of what the brake booster line looks like please?
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