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A big welcome to the smaller but just as proud group of Commemorative Edition SRT4 owners out there. There were 200 special Commemorative Edition versions of the SRT4 made, and we're hoping to someday find every one of them!! 👏

2005 SRT4 Commemorative Edition


- SRT#1, formerly owned by 72hemi
002/200 - jcurtis25, formerly owned by enordquist3, formerly found at ratemysrt4
003/200 - Stage3Beast, formerly owned by desertsoldier22
004/200 - Silver_Tank (also owns 195) formerly owned by blackSRT-4me
005/200 - purehybrid's ex-girlfriend owns this car
006/200 - comemorative006
009/200 - JrodsSRT4
010/200 - badderboy
011/200 - The_Arch, purchased with no powerplant, in process of repairs.
012/200 - Noslonomo
013/200 - Rodrigo
014/200 - srt4mamae
015/200 - Hanus, formerly owned by MaxXxCarNagE
016/200svobben, 3rd CE In Europe, previous owners [email protected], and XXxx_Totmacher_xxXX . Fastest, highest HP CE SRT-4
- totaled (rollover), owned at the time by elchimchim, formerly owned by EL VITO (Also on Car Domain)
018/200 - jason griffith, formerly owned by Shogun1684
019/200 - taylor757, formerly owned by I8URV8
022/200 - guerra81178
023/200 - found wrecked by 69bronzeT5
026/200 - strokedracer05
028/200 - jj8132
030/200 - last seen for sale in Illinois, formerly owned by black05srt4.
031/200 - eurotuning
032/200 - 05SRT32, formerly owned by twavis05, before that by 05SRTACR
033/200 - 05commemorative
034/200 - DarkCovenent
035/200 - SRT4 Jay (Car has been traded in for SRT6 Crossfire)
036/200 - SRinckT-4
037/200 - The_Phantom, formerly owned by johnsauta, before that by EssAreTee37, before that by SRTNumber37
040/200 - last seen sold in Rhode Island on Craigslist, formerly owned by Srt040
041/200 - sold, formerly owned by MRMOPAR70
042/200 - DEREKS_SRT-4
043/200 - srt4 43
044/200 - SRT TURBO's father
045/200 - SRT-4 Girl
047/200 - one of three owned by SRT4 76, before by SRT047, was in bad condition, before by Outlawmack, before by MissComm.47
048/200 - SRT#48, formerly owned by stiffler1, before that by DukeRT
050/200 - Tiffers, previously owned by #50, once profiled on YouTube
051/200 - srtce51, purchased wrecked from a salvage yard near Chicago, had significant front end damage, formerly owned by KevinGordon
052/200 - traded in by darkomilicic, formerly owned by 52/200
053/200 - bad93ex on honda-tech
055/200 - The Noiznberger
056/200 - CE Srt-4 56
057/200 - chuckclements, formerly owned by smokinsrtboi, before that by DMGJ3 who wrecked the car, car was rebuilt
058/200 - seen on Ebay and BaT
059/200 - fastenuf, possibly sold
060/200 - owner not known, in Colorado Springs. In order by last owned, Jaime3203, Big country556, Serg_60, VolcomKid
061/200 - sublime0018
062/200 - PL-SRT4, formerly owned by snowhite
063/200 - KidFresh, was attempting to sell car
065/200 - one of three owned by SRT4 76, previously owned by a non-member in Lincoln, NE. Confirmed by thepowertowin
066/200 - SRT Commemo 66 , possibly parted out, formerly owned by Turbo RT-420
068/200 - whitemamba, formerly owned by s240ka24t
069/200 - RTShadow
070/200 - spotted at a car lot in Omaha, NE
071/200 - jack_knight_99
072/200 - KrAsHmAnZ (may no longer have car, repossession?)
073/20073of200srt, formerly owned by KevinGordon, before by chilibilly
074/200 - SRT PAPA
075/200 - Surfman950, formerly owned by WarriorB
076/200 - one of three owned by Srt4 #76, before by Twinturbo93, marker227, Commerative76of200, misinglove (traded car in for a Superbee Charger)
077/200 - SRT4R (car appears to have been involved in a fire of some kind)
078/200 - LZ101
079/200 - originally from Alberta, now in British Columbia. Owner not on forums.
080/200 - duece2023, formerly owned by josh3000GTSRT4
082/200 - RARESRT4
084/200 - DutchSRT4
087/200 - srt4-87/200, formerly owned by neonspeed05
088/200 - sold private sale by nemiro, former owners (most recent first), srt_88, Mike4207, chadc98rt, 05commemorative88.
089/200 - Kduquette, formerly owned by a user on Viper Club, who sold the car
093/200 - found at Modern Performance, owned by one of their customers, not on the forums
096/200 - srt4ce96, formerly owned by freeduc (Car purchased after repossession, missing some commemorative parts)
097/200 - car found totaled, formerly on Car Domain
098/200 - superbird6bbl
099/200 - totalled in a rollover accident, found by titansrt4
102/200 - daytonacommsrt 102, formerly owned by Commem_srt (Car Domain)
104/200 - rob's srt4 204
105/200 - Upstatesrt4 (this may be car at Car Domain and HalfaHemi was likely the former owner)
106/200 - blinksum1722 formerly owned by neon182 (had pictures at Angelfire)
107/200 - joeys05srt, formerly owned by killa 05 srt4
108/200 - SRT lover108, last spotted on craigslist in Bristol CT, formerly owned by JuciedSrt-4
109/200 - Formerly owned bycpumasterwv, underbody possibly rusted out.
111/200 - jakesrt4011, possibly bought from a dealership in Addison, TX, formerly owned by Sp3kter
112/200 - mswank, formerly owned by SIN, before that by slammed97ram
113/200 - carscrash83, formerly owned by Kontrol Phreak , before that owned by CWade08 (Car Domain)
114/200 - Found in Hartford, CT on Craigslist.
116/200 - Spoolinrican88, formerly owned by Cage
117/200 - SOON2BSRT4
118/200 - silver_ek, car was totaled, formerly owned by DREWSRT4GUY (car is also on ratemysrt4)
119/200 - seen on cargurus, formerly owned by 2Point4
120/200 - sinySilverSRT4
122/200 - found with moderate fire damage by 69bronzeT5
124/200 - buccwild, formerly owned by Turbo_Goat, before that by Doc Holiday
126/200 - srt-4wyotech, formerly owned by GSTR1NG
127/200 - 04srt4black (car was wrecked, but has been rebuilt)
128/200 - SRT4-128
129/200 - wrecked, not sure if car is totalled. Located by manic_mopar
131/200 - m_c_dean
132/200 - purchased on BaT for 26k. 1600 miles on car at the time. Owner not a member here.
133/200 - CSRT4
134/200 - DutchKingkong, 1st CE known to be in Europe (there are now 3)
135/200 - ratemysrt4
136/200 - thrillasrt4, formerly owned by gucci srt4 (car was in an accident,) but was rebuilt
137/200 - 137/200
138/200 - SRT-DEEJAY
139/200 - last seen at a dealership in Arizona, formerly owned by mandatedmotorvation, inherited from his late father
140/200 - chefstone98, formerly owned by civicslayer01
142/200 - SRTCommemorative142 (car was in some type of accident, but was rebuilt)
144/200 - seen for sale in Illinois, before in Missouri, formerly seen on Car Domain, first owner was lafollette144
146/200 - srt4ever81
147/200 - jaysrt17, formerly owned by srt147, before that by sinister4
148/200 - jbann1188, formerly owned by kaninag (purchased from NightmareAngel and previously owned by CommEd148)
149/200 - wannamopar
150/200 - Srt4-150
151/200 - EarsMcGee
153/200 - atroph, formerly owned by srtwizzy
156/200 - formerly owned by Commemorative SRT-4, car was totaled
157/200 - irupp33
158/200 - srt158
159/200 - m4mckeen
160/200 - jsrtcommemorative
161/200 - srtstripes, can also be seen on Drag Times
162/200 - SRT4-305
163/200 - mysrt4ispimp, formerly owned byAaronSrt163,, before that by JGORMAN
164/200 - Stryke_SRT, former owners (most recent first), jrey, Hcrxmetal, Agent Smith81, srt4ce164/200
166/200 - ACoolGuy
167/200 - Modz 4 Higher, formerly owned by srt-4-167, before that by Jumper
168/200 - m88s22
169/200 - Car Domain
171/200 - HerbonzoSRT171
172/200 - evanstaylor2000 and Alex3000gt
173/200 - socosrt, owned only a couple days, tranny trouble, took back to dealership, no longer owns car
174/200 - ratemysrt4
175/200 - 175srt05, last seen for sale in California, unknown if owner sold car or not
176/200 - FANGEDSRT
177/200 - throwawaysrt
178/200 - jam89si, brought back from a pretty bad fender bender
180/200 - Slingshot
181/200 - jim_carey, formerly owned by socal_srt
182/200 - Commemorative182
183/200 - 408mopar, car totalled and parted out, formerly owned by smokinsrtboi
186/200 - srt186, car fishtailed into a lightpole, totaled
187/200 - CommemorativeSRT, car totaled
188/200 - srt188
189/200 - srt403, formerly owned by sixthgearpinned, before by seamd
190/200 - sublim2004's fiance
191/200 - Dak360, formerly owned by 05 191
192/200 - SRT-4 192
194/200 - SRT194
195/200 - Silver_Tank, (owns 004 also) formerly owned by hackwack
196/200 - Srt_Wolle, before that by JD Motors, 2nd of 3 known CE SRT-4 in Europe (Germany), rebuilt after considerable damage, (possibly 096/200?)
198/200 - vandido626 (formerly owned by Dontcallitaneon, the vehicle was totaled in a one car accident, now salvaged and rebuilt)
199/200 - Gee323, former owned by 199commemorative, before that by DickSRT's ex-girlfriend
200/200 - SRT4 #200


Black: Owner on srtforums
Green: Owner found elsewhere
Purple: User no longer owns car, new owner not known.
Red: Car wrecked/totaled


Total Number Found: 154/200 77%


The following information is courtesy of thepowertowin, thanks jimmy!

3 different versions were available, total number of each shown in bold:

2) PW1 ACC,ARL,GWA, 76
3) PW1 ACC,GWA, 58

Commemorative Edition
ARL Kicker Livin' Loud Stereo System
CGS Supplemental Side Air Bags
GWA Power Sunroof

Part numbers for the commemorative edition specific parts:

Front passenger seat bottom cover 1DW461B5AA
Front driver seat bottom cover 1DW471B5AA
Front driver seat back cover 1DW411B5AA
Rear seat bottom cover 1DW481B5AA
Rear seat back cover 1DW401B5AA
Shifter boot 1DA721B5AA
Steering wheel 0WY331B5AC
Rear Seat Cover (Halo) 1MA981B5AA

Availability for these parts is unknown, they may very well be unavailable at this time.

190 of the 200 Commemorative Edition cars were sold in the United States. The other 10 were shipped to Canada, thanks to SRT4R for that information.


Some of this information may no longer be correct, just let me know and I'll make whatever changes need to be made.




Added 011/200, owned by The_Arch, welcome aboard!
Updated status on 030/200
Updated status on 040/200, car has been sold, new owner unknown
Updated status on 047/200, 065/200, and 076/200, all owed by SRT4 #76, wowser!
Added Tiffers, new owner of 050/200, welcome aboard!
Added 058/200, owner unknown
Added 060/200, owner unknown
Added 070/200, owner unknown
Added 079/200, owner unknown
Added 132/200, bought on BaT, owner not a member on SRTForums
Added jaysrt17, new owner of 147/200, welcome aboard!
Added Modz 4 Higher, new owner of 167/200, welcome aboard!
Updated status on 175/200
Added Dak360, new owner of 191/200, welcome aboard!
Added Gee323, new owner of 199/200, welcome aboard!


Added Silver_Tank, new owner of 004/200, welcome aboard!
Added 73of200srt, new owner of 073/200, welcome aboard!
Added Srt4 #76, new owner of 076/200, welcome aboard!
Added RARESRT4, owner of 082/200, welcome aboard!
Added 114/200.
Added chefstone98, new owner of 140/200, welcome aboard!
Added 199commemorative, new owner of 199/200, welcome aboard!


This was the article confirming that the Commemorative Edition SRT4 would be built, as posted by hemidakota on 05-24-2005, 06:54 AM

DCXNews: Special limited editions of Dodge Viper SRT10, SRT4, and Ram SRT10


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I'll also try to put up other information related to the Commemorative Edition model srt4.

According to SRT4R, 10 of the 200 were made for Canada, wondering what differences were on those, kmph for the speedo? Also, photos of the different gauge would be nice :)

Sorry... But only 10 SRT-4 Commemorative Edition were made for Canada!

5 in Alberta
4 in Ontario
1 in Quebec
One question: I believe the only option available on this car were the SRS non viper seats, if someone knows differently let me know. Still waiting to find out about the kmph on the speedometer, if the canadian models were really different like you say.

Another, I was always of the understanding that the last 3 digits of the VIN number corresponded with whichever #XXX /200 you had, but there has been some speculation that this is not true. Anyone have a car that doesn't match? Mine does.

The color of the stripes is the same blue as the electric blue srt4. This is good to know in case you need body work including areas where stripes may have been damaged.

06/21/2017 - Adding information about the Livin' Loud audio system available on some SRT-4 models

All New Dodge SRT-4 Audio System

Kicker/SRT Livin' Loud audio upgrade available on '04s.

By IGN Staff The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Kicker/SRT Livin' Loud audio system option is $795. The system is available on 2004 Dodge SRT-4 cars sold at SRT-certified Dodge dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Performance Vehicle Operations engineers worked with their supplier partners at Kicker to develop the audio system upgrade that includes: two one- inch high-performance Neodymium tweeters mounted in the instrument panel, two 6.5-inch full-range 75-watt speakers mounted in the front doors, two rear 90- watt 6x9 coaxials, a six-disc under-dash CD changer and a ten-inch SVC 100- watt amplified subwoofer mounted in the trunk. The subwoofer is tied to the front-channel balance control for the most listening flexibility.

System performance ratings are as follow:
Tweeters: 4.5 kHz - 21 kHz
Front-door speakers: 35 Hz - 5 kHz
Rear coaxials: 30 Hz - 21 kHz
Subwoofer: 20 Hz - 100 Hz

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sup man its been awhile so your back in nabraska nowonder i havent seen u at the fuzion meets well im still trying to get my plaque that got stollen but dealer is being gay and taking forever with it lol.


#001/200 - 72hemi
#004/200 - blackSRT-4me
#012/200 - Noslonomo
#014/200 - srt4mamae
#016/200 - XXxx_Totmacher_xxXX (same user as "Tuned"? Let me know)
#019/200 - I8URV8
#022/200 - guerra81178
#032/200 - 05SRTACR
#033/200 - 05commemorative
#035/200 - SRT4 Jay
#057/200 - DMGJ3
#066/200 - SRT Commemo 66 (another user listed as "Turbo RT-420" also has posts about this car)
#069/200 - RTShadow
#072/200 - KrAsHmAnZ (may no longer have car, repossession?)
#077/200 - SRT4R
#084/200 - DutchSRT4
#097/200 - Car Domain
#102/200 - Car Domain
#105/200 - Car Domain (not positive about the #105, hard to read his photo, I believe this is "HalfaHemi" here)
#111/200 - Sp3kter
#112/200 - slammed97ram
#117/200 - SOON2BSRT4
#124/200 - Doc Holiday
#140/200 - civicslayer01
#144/200 - Car Domain
#148/200 - CommEd148
#149/200 - wannamopar
#164/200 - srt4ce164/200
#166/200 - ACoolGuy
#169/200 - Car Domain
#175/200 - 175srt05
#182/200 - socal_srt
#191/200 - 05#191
#194/200 - SRT194
#198/200 - Dontcallitaneon (car was totalled in a wreck, #198 Totaled)

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RTShadow said:
I'm actually quite surprised I found evidence of nearly 30 of the 200 cars on here, whew, I'm tired now haha. That was a lot of searching tonite :D
#130's on here but I'll let him post it up.:thumbsup:

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number 111/200 just sayin hi to everyone. My car was recently hit by a nissan titan truck (the person driving said they did not see me behind him and did not her me honking my horn). The body shop said that the daage is minimal and they would need to repaint the hood but the guy at the body shop said that he could not find annything on the stripes. If any of you guys know where to get them or whome to contact to get thenm let me know.

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The stripes are painted on. You can tell on mine as they messed up in 2 spots. I had a small shot of overspray on the back underside of my hood and on the black plastic under the wiper blades. I know a lot of people think they are vinyl. That?s probably why they can?t find any info on them.

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Sp3kter said:
number 111/200 just sayin hi to everyone. My car was recently hit by a nissan titan truck (the person driving said they did not see me behind him and did not her me honking my horn). The body shop said that the daage is minimal and they would need to repaint the hood but the guy at the body shop said that he could not find annything on the stripes. If any of you guys know where to get them or whome to contact to get thenm let me know.
Shoot jimmy thepowertowin a message and ask him, he's one of the most knowledgeable vendors on the sight and he can probably point you in the right direction. His helpfullness more than makes up for his lack of looks :rofl:

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Slingshot said:
The stripes are painted on. You can tell on mine as they messed up in 2 spots. I had a small shot of overspray on the back underside of my hood and on the black plastic under the wiper blades. I know a lot of people think they are vinyl. That?s probably why they can?t find any info on them.
I have heard that they have exact color matching vinyls, some of the vendors here. It shouldn't be too hard for a decent body shop to get them back in place and they should look stock, and if he needs photos of what they are supposed to look like, I'm sure a bunch of us can help out. :thumbsup:

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I see Im on the list already, but Hi anyways!
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