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Hi guys,
Its me again with another diagram. I'm trying to better understand the factory vacuum harness before I start messing with it (which is really what everyone should do), so I made this color diagram to clearly see what lines will see pressure during boost. Maybe some of you guys will think its helpful too.

Here is the big high resolution version:

Here is the smaller low resolution version:

I hope this helps someone besides me. If you see any parts of it that need correction, let me know and I'll fix it. The dotted lines indicate boost pressure depending on what the computer tells the solenoid to do (shown by a lightning bolt). Feel free to save this image to your hard drive for future reference in case it gets lost in the forums. Honestly I think this info should be stickied, simply because its fundamental reference material that will surely come in handy for someone (like me).

My next project is to make a diagram that shows vacuum instead of boost. You'll probably see that one a little bit later on.

If you missed it, my color diagram of factory vacuum lines is here:

Thanks fellas...

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Is that here anyway someone can post the Diagram it won’t load

they have a pictures on their site.
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