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I have a bunch of FX400 steel 4 & 6-Puck Kits and FX400 6-Puck aluminium kits in stock.

Needless to say, it's time for a super sale; PM for pricing, we pricematch/beat.

FX400: This sprung-hub clutch features a 170% increase over the stock holding capacity. This is the toughest clutch Clutchmasters makes for the SRT-4, designed for heavily modified street cars, or road/drag racing cars. This clutch utilizes a ceramic-button 4-puck disc with a power plus 1 pressure plate for long life, extensive holding capacity, and high heat dissipation. This clutch will have harsh engagement and some chatter, but it is streetable.
Available in 4-Puck and 6-Puck design, 4-Puck has harsher engagement but can hold approximately 10% more power, the 6-puck features smoother engagement, but holds about 10% less power. This is the clutch for street/strip driven 400+ whp SRT-4s.
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