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Classic shift knob from TWM Performance now available with engraved shift patterns

Engraved shift patterns are now available on the original Classic weighted shift knob from TWM Performance!

We now have the engraved 5 speed pattern 1 and 6 speed pattern 2 and 3 in stock on our Classic shift knob, here are some pictures with the satin and stainless finishes:

Classic shift knob 5 speed engraved Pattern 1

Classic shift knob 6 speed engraved Pattern 2

Classic shift knob 6 speed engraved Pattern 3

The Classic weighted shift knob is currently available in the Satin, Stainless or Mirror finishes, the Flat Black and Gunmetal finishes are coming in the next few weeks.

Check out this link to place your order today:

TWM Classic Shift knob with engraved shift patterns

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