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Chrysler Group makes 6-speed manual transmissions standard

NEW YORK, Sept. 1, 12:00 am--You read it here first. Chrysler Group is launching an offensive in the manual gearbox wars by making 6-speeds standard equipment on a bunch of 2005 models. "A 6-speed manual transmission will now be standard equipment, improving performance and driving pleasure, in Jeep vehicles and Dodge trucks where manual transmissions are offered," says Bob Lee, Vice President, Powertrain Product Team. So go ahead, grind 'em till you find 'em

Jeep Liberty and Wrangler will feature the NSG 370 6-speed, replacing the two 5-speed manuals previously used--NV1500 and NV3550--reducing cost and complexity. The Jeep 370 is similar to the one used in the Chrysler Crossfire, the first 6-speed for the Chrysler brand. The NSG 370 has a 4.46:1 First gear, versus the 3.85:1 and 4.04:1 ratios of the previous 5-speeds, for improved launch and traction. For smooth operation, First and Second gears have triple-cone synchronization, Third and Fourth double-cone and Fifth and Sixth single-cone. The hard-finish gears run quiet says Chrysler, and the multirail steel shift system is strong and precise. The 2-piece aluminum case with integrated clutch housing assures powertrain stiffness and light weight. The overall 6-speed gear-ratio spread is intended to bring better fuel economy as well
NSG 370 6-SPEED​

Joining Chrysler's 6-speed manual family is the Getrag 238, featured as standard equipment on the all-new 2005 Dodge Dakota and 2005 Dodge Ram 1500.

Replacing the NV3500 5-speed manual, this 6-speed offers smoother shifting with triple-cone synchronizers on the First and Second gears, and double cones on Third and Fourth. Noise, vibration and harshness are minimized with hard-finish gears. The shift rails are supported by ball bearings and Teflon bushings to provide precise shift feel. Torque capacity and efficiency are also optimized, says Chrysler, through the use of an intermediate plate, speed gears supported by needle bearings, and clean-sealed ball bearings on shafts. A 2-piece, die-cast aluminum housing reduces weight while still providing the required stiffness

We are now able to offer a 6-speed manual transmission to our Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup buyers who prefer the 5.7-liter Hemi V8, in addition to our Cummins turbodiesel customers," says Frank Frederick, Director of Manual and Rear-Wheel-Drive Transmissions and Driveline Engineering.

G56 6-SPEED​

The G56 6-speed gearbox replaces the NV4500 5-speed and NV5600 6-speed manuals. This new transmission features a dual-trunnion shift tower that provides a compact shift pattern with easy mechanical advantage. Double-cone synchronizers on First through Fourth and Reverse gears provide high-capacity and long-term durability. A 2-piece, die-cast aluminum case with an integral clutch housing makes the unit stiff while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness. The 6.29:1 First-gear ratio provides better launch performance when towing and carrying heavy loads. There are also power take-off (PTO) access covers on both sides of the transmission
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