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Chrylser 300C Concept

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Looks like we need a new section in the "Chrysler Gargage" for the Chrysler 300.

Here is the concept of the 2005 Chrylser 300N. Just like the Dodge Magnum many may call it ugly or bulky or throwback and it is, however, who wants a pretty car - my Mom does? These new Daimler-Chrylser Rear Drive designs speak "Guy Cars" and Macho especially with 5.7 Hemi and 345HP or Supercharged with 430HP. Whoa!

The new 300 with blocky/bulky exterior and big upright grill says "Stately & Aristocratic". If this cars is ugly then so is every Bentley and Roll Royce that people fork over $300k for.

I will no longer be embarrassed to walk into a Chrylser/Dodge showroom nor affraid of ridicule by driving one of these LX platform cars. Bartender, Make mine a Magnum :D

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meh... i like the srt-8 better.
lifeisdeath said:
meh... i like the srt-8 better.
Me Also, I like the SRT-8 better. I hate the Grille on the 300C. It is too much. This car is a big "Executive" Sized Sedan. It is probably for the more marketed to the 'mature' baby boomer crowd.
I like the 300c, but the 300N concept was way sexier. Maybe we'll see both, the sedan and the convertable. The Magnum is the dodge version, and it looked damn nice also. More than the skin tho, that powertrain/layout is da bomb!
Hmmm...Wadayathink? Picture the Magnum as a "Woody" with two surfboards stickin out the back window! 8) HUH?
I LIKE IT! I think it's BALLIN' material
spcforker said:
Hmmm...Wadayathink? Picture the Magnum as a "Woody" with two surfboards stickin out the back window! 8) HUH?
That would be cool!

I'm thinking of one srt-8, all black with limo tint, black wheels looking like a hearse to carry dead bodies of the cars you just whipped at the dragstrip. YEAH! DRAGGIN WAGON! :mrgreen:
Make mine a Magnum. I'm not crazy about the looks of the 300, but the Magnum looks like a chop top hot rod.
Wow, very nice... looks like a mix between a caddy and a bentley.
Exactly. What's the estimated price of one of these pimp daddy caddi's
Look realy nice! Looks like a Bently or RR
Every time I see it, I like it more!

According to the folks at PVO, this is going to be release very soon. THe largest engine option is going to be the next 6.1ltr (4xx HP rating).

Expect the pricing to be in the low 40s.
Yeah, I think it is kinda Bentley looking, too.
Pretty nice car, though, but out of my $ range.
OK, first time here (been reading for a while). I like the concept Hemi 300C a lot better! But who do I have to kill to see an affordable 2 door Hemi car from DC (that isn't a truck)??? Doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon.
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