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*** This Thread is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION so bear with as we continue to work on it***

Trying to choose the best projector is like trying to choose the best turbo or or camshaft. It's too subjective to single out just one & it's based heavily off the customers intended use. Someone who's just looking for some added flash & style may choose something very different then someone looking for all out performance in dark back country road driving. As with turbo's & cams it's often about making a compromise. The various choices & options out there can be dizzying & confusing. We're here to make it easy for you :thumbsup:

We don't carry or service all the various styles of projectors out there as some are good & some are junk. Instead we choose the best & most popular projectors and specialize in just those few. We're always on the lookout for new projectors or hybrid's that we feel are high enough quality or performance to then bring to you. When that happens we'll add them to our lineup for your enjoyment.

Currently these are the projectors we service.

Hella E55 (used in many Mercedes, Land Rover, Chevy, Chrysler vehicles etc.)
Stanley TL (Acura TL)
TRS FX-R (Replica of the Infinity FX35 & Nissan Murano)

Single Xenons
Koitio RX330 (Lexus RX)
TSX (Acura TSX)
TRS S2K-R (Replica of the Honda S2000) <--- Coming Soon

Bi-Xenon Comparisons

Bi-Xenon simply means dual beam which incorporates a high & low beam in one projector.

There's an amazing comparison thread done by JVX over on HIDplanet. He's master at comparo's & his photograpghy is excellent. It's a must see if you're wanting to know about Bi-Xenon projector differences. There's about 10 different models tested. FYI- I believe it'll make you register in order to view the thread but it definately worth it!
Acura TL w/ clear lense (low beam)

Acura TL w/ clear lense (high beam)

Mercedes E55 w/ clear lense (low beam)

Mercedes E55 w/ clear lense (high beam)

This is just sneak peek, you'll have to go see the rest for yourselves :hi:[/QUOTE]
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