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Original owner 2004, 95k, lightly modded - stage 2, intake, short shift, downpipe & o2 housing. (Used to be a member here years ago, but couldn't remember password)

I've got a faint chirping sound, almost like a cricket or bird, that matches wheel speed and disappears around 30 mph. Its faint - windows up or radio and you won't hear it. I know it isn't a belt because it doesn't do it unless the car is moving, and it matches wheel speed not engine speed. I also just changed the belts.

Here's what I know:
  • Frequency increases with wheel speed
  • Goes away above 30mph
  • Happens in all gears, neutral, and clutch in or out
  • Happens when accelerating, coasting or braking
  • Happens in a straight line and turning both directions
  • Does NOT happen in reverse
  • Frequently only appears after driving for a few minutes
  • Does NOT happen when stopped
  • Driving in reverse can make it go away for a little bit, but always comes back
Any idea what this is? Could be a bearing, but sound seems wrong?

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I would bet wheel bearing, but it sounds like you already are on the right path to narrowing down the culprit.
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