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Caught this from a guy i know on another board for my other car. (custom turbo 98 eclipse rs-t) Thought some of you chicago guys would like to know this information. sure it would get rid of the dippys that drive crazy on the streets that should have no buisness street racing but the reprocusions of this could hurt us all as far as case law is concerned.

You can tell me to get bent, or thanks for the pass along, or "oh jesus i cant wait to show them my fart can on TV!" They will probably find idiots with fartcan honda's that cant wait to show that "dey be 2 fast/bi-curious" on tv anyways. Just looking out for some of you guys in the chicago area.

(((Quote NBC Employee that is into tuner scene))))

..NBC along with thier cohoarts Telemundo as well as Univision are attempting an undercover Sweeps piece on Street Racing...

Now you know how that is gonna make us look, believe me as someone with
expirience in the industry. Those who know me, know just what type of
expirience although I will not get into that on here or elsewhere for
that matter. (you gys that know dont say shit either)

This is RIGHT before the season starts and gives ALL the new
politicians ammunition to start with a campaign to makes new laws like the ones
in cali and shit....having this video will give them that
ammunition....and start a hyteria in the media and city hall as well as springfield.

DO NOT RACE in front of them, try not to even be in the lots when you
see them as they will contact the stores or property owners and ask them
if they gave you all permission to be there...they will obviously say
no, and since they dont want to be aiding street racers (thats how the
news and cops will put it) you will NO LONGER have a place to hang out
at, you definately wont be able to race.

This is a producer and ratings driven market people, the worse that can
make the issue look, the more attention, the more smart,
dont give in to wanting to be on TV, they aint scandalous like us, they
aint gonna blur your plates, they dont give a fuck about are
assholes to them and they will make sure that you not only get fucked,
but fuck the community....

Be careful of folks out there that you dont know shooting video
especially with a big Pro camera, pro DVcams (like ours) and look for jeeps,
minivans, vans, explorers,expidition with small unit numbers on them
(usually in the back by the windows you will see small number like 7 or
14....look for them to be shooting your plates and following in the
distance....especially if no one can vouch for them....loose them or just
ask them why are you here shooting video of us, they must advise you that
they are media....please be careful of these fucking vultures and save
us the shit from new laws and stupid fuck politicians trying to make
thier careers on our backs.

and look inside these "parked" vehicles for communication equipment and
communication antenas....

guys, once more, this is real and you will get fucked, if the reporters
ask to speak with you, tell them to get fucked...this is public domain
on the street so they can shoot you on video and your cars, its all act civil but tell them to get fucked, dont let them shoot
you doing burnouts and shit like that......

(((Quote NBC Employee that is into tuner scene))))

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naaa mAn fuCk dat I bE tRyiNg to giT ma car clUb nOtIcEd, we nEed sPonZoRs 2 mAke dA NIRA driFtorZ circUit. i bE stReEt racinz in a prEsKool paRkinG loT If iT wiLl gEt mE sp0nZoreD. ImPoRts for lIfe. ShOuT oUt to mA homIes in Da gAme. wErd for LIfe yo peAcE

There will always be idiots trying to get on TV... look at american idol... there might be 4 or 5 talented people and 10 million singing like screech from saved by the bell... let the little ricer kiddies and their 16 second shitbox's get on camera, i love watching those shows.

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they are good shows but i really wouldnt like my ass on it, not only giving myself a bad name but all us SRT-4 people out there. even though there are a few asshole srt people out there giving us all a bad rep already. rather not aide in it.
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