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CF wide body front fenders feeler

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Hi everyone,

This is just a feel out thing since I had numerous people asking for the wide body front fenders I have on my car. I have talked to a company who could make it for us just like mine, but I need to know how many of you would be interrested, and if there is enough demand, we could set up a group buy or something through one of the vendors here.
The price finished and coated would be around $600+shipping, with local L.A. pickup available, but it also depends how many people would be interrested, if we could get like 15 sets or so, it could be even lower.
Let me know guys, send me the feedbacks!!!

Some of the rest of the stuff we are making right now, these are all CF parts:

- widebody front fenders, like the ones on my car ~$600
- OEM front fenders ~$450
- doors ~$600/door
- front splitter ~$250
- rear diffuser ~$400
- side skirts ~$300
- center console lid ~$30
- gas tank door(not an overlay) ~ $50
- sunroof delete ~ $80
- dashboard console trim(the silver one around the buttons) not an overlay ~$50
- license plate holder's trim ~$25
- front canards ~$125

The prices are approximate, depends on number of people interrested can be more or less, will have to see once we are done...

I will start a list for the CF front wide body fenders and then we go from there, if you are interrested and would buy now than put yourself on the list.


Here are some pics from the fender on my car:

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im sure this will help the already horable crash test rateing lol. its cool i like the idea but honestly they look like they flare out too much.
for that price i would probebly get a set. actually if the group buy price is a bit less then i would buy 4 sure. i would probebly order without clear so i can have them painted black!
Well they are flared out more since they are wide body fenders:)
For the crash side of the deal, carbon fiber in only 3 layers is already as strong if not stronger then the thin steel they used for our cars' fenders...
Yes it could be shipped without coating, but i don't know how much price difference it would be, but it could be done for sure.
When Josh from Evil Creations was selling his, I asked about getting them flared an extra 1" to 1 1/2". Bigger than that looks weird, although it's nice to pack huge slicks.
Would be nice if they could do a rear overlay to match the fronts. I think that would sell better.
ptperformance said:
Would be nice if they could do a rear overlay to match the fronts. I think that would sell better.
I'd love a matched set like that. :)
Well the matching rear overlay could be made, but you figure it out how you will have it molded to the would have to be done by a bodyshop since unfortunately the rear quarter panel is a part of the body me i wanted to replace the whole quarter panel, but since it's part of the body, i don't want to mess with it...
Actually the rear quarter panel has a lot of room to be moved around with the proper tools, i mean i fit 275 slicks under there and have no issue rubbing, maybe when i go to the 305 or 335s i will do some flares there and have the kit completed:)

So about 5 people so far...let's keep it going so we can start production:)
I got a dent in my front basically I'm all over this:clap: count me in
by the way who would be interrested in some CF:
rear diffusers
front canards
front splitter
side skirts
I hope there will be some more :)
I'd totally be down for it...but I don't have an srt lol. good prices on those fenders tho
if u can get the edge of the tire to sit flush with the fender then yes.... otherwise No lol
Ummmmmm you realize that getting the "edge of the tire" to sit flush with the tire is all about your choice of wheel combo right? You know... width of tire and backspacing....

Just checking..... cause it has NOTHING to do with the fender.... unless you are custom making the fender for a very specific wheel choice....
uh yeah i need TWO fenders from bottoming out 19's so im down for a set. im local too
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