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Care and appearance - Wax???

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I have had the car for 3 weeks - I have heard you should not wax it in the first year - any truth to this? I desperately want to put a coat of Meguire's Gold Class on it - but the last thing I want is to somehow ruin it. Please - I need info!!!
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I have heard after a fresh paint job you have to wait a few weeks before you can wax it but I think on a new car you should be fine

make sure u use a very soft cloth, you don't want swirls in the paint later on
Well, let's see...I've had mine since Feb 14th and it's had 4 coats of the Meguire's Gold Class with no ill effects. But you do need to do any waxing carefully, especially if it's black.
I had mine for 3 weeks now and just put a coat of Meguires gold class on it. It didn't hurt it at all. I had the protective coating put on it too, so I couldn't even tell where I had waxed cause it was still so shiney.
There is no truth in that.
You shouldn't apply anythin to the paint after 72 hrs. after application.
If you bought your car at a dealership I'm sure you won't have the oppertunity to wax it before the paint fully dries. I'm going to apply a coat of glaze first then two coats of wax. Don't use any polishers on the car, unless you absolutely need to (deep scatches) if you do....use a white neon light to look at the clear coat/top-coat. you can see everything in the light and you maybe dissappointed in how many swirls you have.

Wax your car, it's the best thing for the paint.

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