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Carbon by Design is proud to announce the release of four new products for the SRT-4.

Immediately available as of 9/28/04

SRT Full B-Pillar Replacements(more info)

Why cover your b-pillars when you can replace them? Our b-pillar kit will get rid of your old oxidizing b-pillars with our hand polished black carbon or silver aluminum full replacements, kit includes hardware & instructions.

SRT Fuel Pressure/Rail (more info)

There are several factors which determine a properly tuned engine; one of the most critical is fuel pressure. Now you'll have the ability to keep tabs on your pressure!!

SRT Nology Power Core Ignition (more info)

Nology PowerCores are the missing link in ignition performance. As your boost and RPM's increase your coils output decreases. Let us help you put the fire back in your SRT.

SRT "Shorty" Style Eyelids(more info)

If enough of you ask for it we will make it. We had so many requests for this product we just had to bring them out. Enjoy special introductory pricing.

We are offering special pricing on the the shorty eyelids @ $85.00 in carbon and $60 in fiberglass. The B-pillars are introductory priced at $179.00 for full replacements. Purchase any two new items and receive free shipping!!


Carbon by Design
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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