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Car won't start...fuse i think

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Ok well last night I left my car on while I was waxing it "listening to the radio"..and this morning I went to crank it. Well it tried to turn over and then all the sudden the fuse code flashed and now it just makes like a buzzing sound. I know its a fuse but I can't figure out what fuse it would be, can anyone help me out
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Fuse really doesnt make much sense. I would check your connection at your battery and test your battery first. If you have corrosion at the battery it couldcause the car not to start. Do the lights dim when you try to crank it over? Do you hear any cranking? Sounds to me like you ran the battery low.
Yeah at first it tried to crank and my radio, wipers, and all my gauges work...I mean it was slowly trying to turn over like the battery was about dead but then it flashed the fuse code and now all it does is buzz or make some kind of clicking sound.
Charge your battery...

You ran your battery too low... Can you get a multimeter and check the Voltage of the battery? It sounds to me like the battery doesnt have the power to crank the engine. 9/10 this is the case with these symptoms.
yeah I've got a multimeter...its showing voltage of 11.48
Way to low...

Should be around 12.5-13.0. Keep the Multimeter on the battery and crank it and watch what the voltage goes down to. Let me know the outcome.

When you crank a battery it puts a huge load on the battery so you will see the Voltage drop significantly at min a car needs around 11.0 to start if it is below that replace the battery.
perfectcircle said:
yeah I've got a multimeter...its showing voltage of 11.48
Get a 2nd person to crank ur car so u can check the votlage while they try n start the car if it drops below 9.6votls get a new battery.... which im sure thats wat it will do... any volts below 9.6 ur car wont start...
Miami =)

I didn't consider people near sea level. LOL if you tried to start a car up here in colder weather at 9.6 it would just spit on you. =)
:jester: yeah I'd hate if it spit at me...I jumped it off, I don't have anyone here with me at the moment it actually cranked right up. So your right wasn't a fuse, which is weird cause of it flashing a fuse code? As soon as I can I get someone to crank it so I can check the voltage underload. Thanks guys for the fast responses:thumbsup:

Glad you got it! Hope the battery wasn't so low that it won't recharge itself again. It is always best to get a charger on it and charge it to full as opposed to letting the alternator charge it. That is hard on an alternator. Glad you got it running!:thumbsup:
Yeah I've gotta pick a charger up tonite, I drive a little 96 sentra to work and to just get around in and my srt just sits in the garage so it would probably be a good idea to do that.
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