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Car keeps dying!!

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Alright guys, so for the past week everything inside my car that uses power keeps flashing (gauges, radio cuts on and off, radar detector, etc.). Didn't think much about it at first. Went up to North Carolina, and the car kept wanting to hesitate all the way up there, like it would stumble at times. Got up to NC and the car wouldn't start. Jumped it off, and the car works fine, but whenever you turn on the radio or anything inside the car, everything starts flashing again. I have know clue whats going on. Battery light comes on ALL THE TIME and then goes off, but the ABS and E Brake lights come on as well at random times. We just replaced the battery, wasn't the problem. SOMEONE HELP!!!! (Only way to get car started is to jump it off, it will never start on its own)

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You need to start looking at some grounds. I had the one in back under the motor corrode and break on me. Almost the same symptoms you have.
Alright man, will check the grounds. Went and got the brand new battery tested today, and turns out its bad, needs replacing. So looks like maybe I was running on alternator the whole trip, is this possible? Gotta wait till tomorrow Napa is closed today. Thanks for the info! Think it's just the battery?
Just a bit of info.....everything in the car runs off the battery. Everything. The alternator just charges it.
Well guys, got the battery swapped out today, hooked it up, car runs like a charm, just thought I would update. Said old battery was dead from the factory, and that I got screwed over wherever I got it from.
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