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car dies while driving

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the car starts up fine and after a little driving it will start to jerk like it wants to die. then it will shut off. but it doesnt seem like its completely off cause when i give it gas the boost gauge will go into to boost but the car isnt moving. sometimes i can turn it off and then start it up again an it will start driving again. all this is happening while im still rolling. then sometimes it wont start back up an i have to pull over an check the codes an i get 688,2302,2305. the only way it will start back up is if i pull the asd relay an switch it with the fuel pump relay then it run fine for a few miles then start all over again.
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Sounds like what happened yesterday to mine.

Have you figured it out ? Do you have oil on your spark plugs (that would cause the ignition cels to be thrown).

I'm assuming a faulty PVC valve on mine that would have blown the plug seals... but this all has to be certified over the weekend when I take it apart.

Let me know if you found the culprit on your side, that could give me ideas.
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