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Tools Required:
1 - 9/16 wrench
1 - 9/16 socket
1 - ratchet
1 - drill
1 - 3/8 drill bit
1 - pencil

Average time for install:

30 - 45 minutes

Ok guys, I'm pretty brain dead so I don't really remember sizes right now......but here's the pics and write up step by step.

First make sure your bumper is off(should be already if you put in your FMIC.


Start off by unbolting both headlights. 2 bolts each

Next swing them out of the way as shown in the pics

Now you're ready to remove the STOCK crashbar. 3 bolts on each side(6 total). It is recommended to place the stock bolts back in the stock holes for safe keeping.

Now it's time to start putting on your new BWoody Crashbar. Start by laying it on top, and putting in the back 2 bolts.

After the back bolt in each side is tightened down. Use your drill, a 3/8 drill bit and drill the front hole on each side.

Using the supplied hardware, install into the front hole as shown in this pic.

After you tighten down the front bolt on each end, your new crashbar is installed.

Now it's time to put the headlights back in. NOTE: you will have part of the light over the top of the crashbar as shown in this pic.

It is an option to trim down the headlight plastic about as much as you see colored in in the pic below, but this is NOT required as you will see in the next few pics.

You can see that with NO trimming of the headlight.....the bolt still lines up perfectly...

And the rubber surround on the headlight still lays perfect after bumper is installed.

Hope that helps you guys out, and if you have any questions, feel free to give the guys at BWoody Performance a call, or drop me a line.

Happy modding!!!

Josh Koch
eVilcreations Performance

2,768 Posts
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wasntme said:
thanks josh for the great how to!!
No problem man, thanks for all your assistance with everything......

Now we gotta figure out how to make a crashbar for 00-02

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