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Buyer Beware - TNT Autosport

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Just wanted to pass this along to some other influential sport compact communities.

Here's a quote of the first post:
buyer said:
I ordered an Aeroforce interceptor from TNT autosport as part of their first group buy. I ordered and paid for the item 2/9/2007. I was told I would receive it by 2/19/2007. After some delay is was shipped 2/22/2007 as seen in this link:

Fedex claimed to have delivered it 2/24/2007 at 12:06pm. This is a Saturday. The place of delivery was my grandparents house. My grand pap is there every Saturday from when he wakes up (7am) until he leaves for church at 4:30pm. He takes his shower and gets ready for church at 1pm. He was there this day and he says the Fedex truck never came. (I have never had a shipping problem with this address by the way).

Upon seeing this I contact Fedex and am told to contact the vendor as they only deal with the shipper not the recipient. I contact TNT autosport and explain the situation. He says no worries the package is insured. After some time of reminding him he finally gets the insurance paperwork in and from what I have been told from both him and Fedex the claim was denied. He says I will take care of it and will try to get you one with the next group buy.

The next group buy comes and goes and a local friend gets his gauge. At this point I AIM TSCarterJr and ask them the situation and why I had not received mine. They stated that they were going to try to get Aeroforce to replace it but they didn’t so that is why I didn’t have one. So I say “and when were you planning to tell me this”. To this I receive no reply. At this point I request a refund and am told that I will receive one once Fedex reimburses them. I tell them to just refund me the money since Fedex refunds the shipper and I am told that TNT will not refund me.

Now a few months of waiting and being told it is being worked on and to be patient happen.

So after all this time of being told that they are working with Fedex. On 6/1/2007 I send them an email saying ok, action by 6/8/2007 or I will have to get a lawyer involved. To this they reply (complete emails are saved):

My 100% satisfaction guarantee does not include me giving free products away due to another companies fuck up (FedEx). I am a busy man taking care of other orders, and to date since ive been open have only lost 1 (yours).

It is not financialy smart to take money out of my pocket to refund you...if I had the money, trust me...I would.

But everytime I call, the lady that represents the case, is either out to lunch, went home for the day, or on vacation.

Ive left numerous messages, with still no luck.

I will continue to try and contact them, however if I see any legal action taking place, I will stop all communications.

6/8/2007 I hear nothing and I email them asking about it and receive no reply.

I let it go until today 6/12/2007 when I talk to them on AIM again. This is what they say:

DJT81185 (2:38:14 PM): so whats the deal on the intereptor?
TSCarterJr (2:49:08 PM): im not refunding you
DJT81185 (2:49:16 PM): ?
TSCarterJr (2:49:27 PM): im not going to refund you
DJT81185 (2:49:30 PM): ok
DJT81185 (2:49:34 PM): then when is my gauge coming
TSCarterJr (2:49:37 PM): and fedex doesnt seem to want to do anything about it
TSCarterJr (2:49:56 PM): im not ordering you a new one unless you pay for it

So I paid for a gauge in February. The vendor sent it after a small delay using their preferred shipping method at the time. They did not have signature required on the item. I never received the package and now they are not doing anything about it. I am now out $210 and have no gauge.

Poor Customer Service…BUYER BEWARE!!!!!
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Signature required should be requested by the customer not expected by the shop shipping the parts. I would have been nice to see the shop offer another gauge at cost to the customer but shipping is not the responsibility of the shop its the shipping companys problem and the customer should work it out with them.
yeah fedex sucks ass, they did this to me on my tach adapter and a mp3 player, they dont pay any claims and they lose 1 out of 3 items shipped, always request UPS , they dont lose shit but they can sure break it....
USPS is my choice of shipping. Never breaks and only lost 3 items in 2 years.
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