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Billy said:
Here is a good article talking about some of the drawbacks of aftermarket BOVs.
Yes in therory he's right.... however, in this case from what I undersatnd this article holds no value to the SRT. 1, the SRT uses a MAP sensor and no MAF sensor, so venting to atmosphere is not an issue. 2, the stock "surge valve" is not that good, it has a bad reaction time (it's very slow with small paedal adjustments). And in cases of higer boost, the surge valve does not have enough flow to vent off properly the amount we need. You ask just about any SRT owner on here with an aftermarket BOV, and I don't think you'll find many that have'nt seen at least some good results by adding it.

Oh hey, on that guy's turbo timer comments, I think he's full of shit, and furthermore a complete and fucking hopeless moron. I've been doing car alarms for 7+ years now, profesionally, and I'd like to think I could easily hot wire any car if I wanted to, and the fact that a car has a turbo timer doesn't mean shit about it being easier to steal. Wanna make a car easier to steal? Leave the doors unlocked.

Of course if it (turbo timer) wasn't nessasary after hard driving, I'm sure Dodge would have not told the same in the owners manual where it clearly states "Allow for the turbo to cool down before turning off the car, after drivning hard".

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