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boost question

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ok, so here are my mods that have to do with boost:
agp wga
turbo xs mbc

i went to the track and i maxed out the boost gauge, so im running 20+ lbs of boost. my question is i tuned it myself and im getting AFRs reading 11.3-12.2. am i hurting anything runing this much? and even with the new wga im losing boost only getting 15 at redline. do i possibly have a boost leak or is this normal? any help would be nice.
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19 views and no answers...well the car is running goooooood today. i did another map on my safc today and now im running 14lbs for daily driving. on my hi map im running good. does anyone know if i can run 20 safely and not run hot. im getting good afr's but i dont wanna get it too hot and start meliting valves. thanks
i have a greddy electronic boost controller and when i'm cruisng i'm running 14-15 psi but when i switch to hi boost when racing or what not i'm at 20+psi.. i also maxing out my gauge..
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