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I am pretty sure I know where it is coming from just wanted to see if you guys agree. I installed the HKS SSQ BOV. I used the BDJ's Racing adapter because no one else had flanges to make me a pipe. Anyways, I hooked everything up ran the vaccum lines and took it down the road and boosted around 12 psi. I normally run around 14-15 psi. I check all my clamps. I also checked the BOV is ensure that it isn't leaking, no problem there. Although, I am still waiting on my BOP to get here. So yeap currently my stock surge valve is still on the car. I have the end of the surge plate capped and the pink line running to my SSQ BOV. I am thinking that is where I am losing boost. What do you think?

Also this is how I hooked up my lines. Tell me if I did it correctly. As of now I am at S0 and therefore my computer is controlling my boost, bov, etc. I used the standard pink line that I used for the Mopar to my SSQ BOV. I took no lines off or didn't cap any lines because I am still at S0. I was afraid of throwing a code. I know that I can tee into my second nipple into the throttle body, that I believe most people do anyways. What is you thoughts on this?
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