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Is it possible for the boost gauge to still be reading wrong even if the needle sits at 0 when the car is off?

For a few days now i've noticed my car isn't boosting what it should be. At first i thought boost leak so I went over all my IC connections and they are all tight.

I have S2w/toys, and at this temp i usually spike about 17-18 then about 14-15 at redline. (Still cold here i'm in Canada). Right now it doesn't spike at all, it just goes up to 12 and stays there till redline (DAB 3). So i put it in DAB 0 and i only get 5psi in any gear (should be 8), and in DAB 1 i only get 8psi in every gear (should be 11).

Also when i decelerate i'm at about 24-26 Vacuum. That isn't normal either is it?

Edit: I also did try resetting the PCM.
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