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Blue SRT4 on 290 towards worcester

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Trying to find out who ownes the srt i ran into on 290 towards worcester this friday 6/15/07. Dude your car was sick. What do you have done to it?
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yeah that was me. you drive thwe comm. edition right? your car was so clean man, look nice keep up the good work!!! my car has pretty much every bolt on except a big turbo (which is at my house in a box right now along with my clutch). is that MPX exhust polished? i have never seen an exaust so clean in my life!!

looks good man. i wish you would of followed me off the exit ramp so we could of chatted, i live like 3 min off exit 20.. what brings you to worcester noticed your tags said NH..
I go down there almost every weekend to see my girl. Your car looked sweet and when you took off on the highway ( dont know in what gear you were, i am assuming 4th) you blew my doors off. I could not keep up with you and i am stage 2 + sst ( saving up money for a tune). Maybe next time i go down there I can let you know and we can talk. Your car is bad ass!!!!
thanx man! theres a bunch of srt's in worcester. your car looks pretty bad ass too, clean as hell. shoot me a PM the next time your around.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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