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block off plate?

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hey just bought a 1st gen BOV pipe( in the mail) and i have greddy type s bov. i got the kit that comes with block off plate and i was wondering if i have to run the plate? i have a friend with 03 srt( w/ stg 2 w/toys,mopar exhaust, hks ssq bov on custom pipe) he runs 19 psi and then tapers off to 16 and he no boost leaks and he is not running block off plate. i was wondering everybodies opinion on if i have to run the plate or not?
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good question I have that blow off valve and up pipe but i didn't put the block off plate on, am i losing the Holy HP???????????????Someone answer

yes you will loose a little boost. if you are going to use the stage 1 and up the boost to about 16 or more u will need it. if you dont mind the boost goiing down at full throttle you dont need the block off plate. In all honesty it is good to have the block off plate on, but hard to get off if you are having warranty work done and putting it back to stock...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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